dilluns, 30 de juliol de 2012

Dispositius de mobilitat unipersonal / Unipersonal mobility devices

Havia de menester unes sabates per rodar món i ahir vaig poder aconseguir aquestes "playeras". Les vaig poder aconseguir amb un descompte del 10% addicional sobre el descompte que ja duien per la meva simpatía (gràcies Aina de Lloseta i gràcies per el líquid impermeabilitzant i per la crema per cuidar  la pell).

Estic en plena adaptació. El taló de la de l'esquerra em fa un poc de mal, però això passarà aviat. Són molt còmodes, de Goretex i de marca Mallorquina.

Uns transportadors unipersonals que m'acompanyaran a la meva aventura.

Foto presa al pati interior del meu antic lloc de feina, l'escola d'informàtica on he estat treballant durant dotze anys.
Photo taken at the interior garden of my former workplace, the school of computing I 've been working from tweleve years

I needed a new pair of good globetrotters and yesterday I could get my hands on this pair of "flip-flops". I was lucky to get them with an extra 10% discount over the already discounted price, just by my simpathy (thank you Aina from Lloseta, and thank you also for the free impermeabilizating spray and for the nourishing cream for the leather).

I am in the break in period. The left heel still hurts a little bit, but this will be just for a short while. They are very comfortable, made from Goretex and a brand from Mallorca.

A personal transporting system that will move me up and down during my adventure.

diumenge, 29 de juliol de 2012

Planificant la ruta

Voltera v1.0 visitant amics arreu del món

Palma - Espanya
Barcelona - Espanya
Venècia - Itàlia
Iakarta - Indonèsia
Tokio - Japó
Sydney - Austràlia
Managua - Nicaragua
San José - Costa Rica
Toronto - Canadà
Palma - Espanya

dijous, 26 de juliol de 2012

The starting tale

They were planted everywere, by an arcane power.

They grew up like ordinary sheeps among others.

They didn't know a word about their purpose, but they were planted to stay, and wait for the moment.

Sometime ago something started to wake them up. They can hardly hear nothing but there is a call.

They are everywere, they are an army of hidden warriors, warriors of light.

- · -

I am one of them.

I do recognize my brothers and sisters.

Something must be happening because many of us are being summoned, called to wake up and gather.

The world needs our help and the quest starts by discovering our mission. Every one has his own.

None of us is secondary, everyone's skills are unique and we are connected to a purpose.

The arcanes turned off all the switches of my former existence, then they loaded my first orders and unleashed my hidden powers.

I grew up as a sheep among others, but I can see now the steel blade that they implanted in my spine

I was given courage, determination, I am able to bear extreme pain, I endure, I learned how to fight barehand and with a bow and arrows, my legs are steel and my hands are soft. They gave me good understanding, a mind like a knife for complex calculations and a sweet heart for love, an hyper-developed capacity for compassion and empathy as well as some sort of telepathy and intuition.

Before I discover my fight I must purify myself. So I must start by contacting my clan and finding my masters.

Here is where my travel begins... everything is waiting to be done.